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Mission Statement:

The American College of International Physicians' mission is to foster and advocate, equal opportunities, fairness, educational excellence, volunteerism and cooperation for all International Medical Graduates in the United States, and to participate in favorable non-discriminatory public policy development legislation and mainstream U.S. medical establishments.


Purpose & Goals:

The college is organized exclusively for educational, scientific, research and charitable purposes. They include:

  • Primarily to advance and improve the standards of practice and quality of professional service in the field of medicine. 
  • To pursue educational opportunities for international physicians as well as to enhance the knowledge and education of its membership in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases through continuing medical education. 
  • To offer scholarship aid to disadvantaged and deserving medical students and other students of health professions. 
  • To secure for the international physician an atmosphere conducive to the achievement of his or her potential as a healer of the sick. 
  • To advance the knowledge of international health by encouraging scientific research by its Fellows.
  • To support Fellows who are desirous of rendering free medical and educational care to indigents here in the United States and overseas.
  • To encourage promotion of international medical relief programs to areas that require humanitarian assistance due to natural calamities, disasters and epidemic diseases through special voluntary contributions by Fellows of the College, the public at large and affiliated associates. 



The college provides representation on national and local levels helping to ensure that International Medical Graduates (IMGs) are provided the same rights and opportunities in their profession as afforded to U.S. medical graduates.

ACIP provides access to a national network of IMGs who can provide assistance in solving local practice problems such as initiation of legislative efforts, class-action litigation and case-specific advocasy with hospitals, licensing bodies, federal, state, and municipal agencies.

ACIP provides opportunities to serve on national policy making bodies, which protect the interests of international medical graduates.

ACIP conducts local, state, and national meetings which provide an excellent opportunity for networking with specialists from all areas of medicine and, thus, enhances individual practices by stimulating referrals. ACIP provides continuing medical education credits at the meetings also.

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